ACT Online Training for Schools

Create a solid foundation for your animal healthcare students

ACT for Educators

Teachers have access to over 700 high quality veterinary staff training videos authored by experts from the animal care industry. These videos are utilized by the management of veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, rescue and adoption groups, and veterinary medical associations to train employees to be productive, humane, and safe while handling and treating companion animals and livestock. The videos can be displayed in the classroom as a presentation or may be assigned to individual students through the built-in learning management system. By assigning the videos, the students are automatically and continually tested on their understanding of the topics through review questions and end of unit exams. Completion status and test scores are reported to the teacher for verification and documentation.

The videos play on demand, and there is no limit to the number of views by the student or the teacher. ACT Online for Educators includes all small animal veterinary staff training videos. Optional content covering Large Animal, Animal Shelter and Practice Software Training content are available.