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About CVA

 The ACT online training program includes all of the required resources necessary to administer the Certified Veterinary Assistant program.  CVA is a highly respected industry certification offered and endorsed by state Veterinary Medical Associations.

To offer CVA, a school must purchase one test credit per student applicant.  The cost per student is very reasonable when compared to similar industry certifications.  Please call for state-specific pricing and to add credits to the account prior to starting the CVA program.

CVA module is set up to teach students the basic skills and competencies required for animal care and assistance. This program educates and evaluates the essential skills and knowledge needed to become an effective contributor to the veterinary industry. This certification is valuable to the industry, schools, and students. Schools offering CVA to students produce well trained graduates into the workforce. The veterinary industry then benefits from having productive, qualified team members.

This program combines the use of an online curriculum, hands-on skills validations, work experience in a veterinary hospital and a final examination that culminates to bring you a certification that is highly esteemed in the veterinary industry. The CVA program gives students a head start in the veterinary industry. This certification is also a solid foundation for students who wish advance to RVT or other careers in veterinary medicine.

ACT is proud to host CVA materials allowing high school students to become Certified Veterinary Assistants through their school programs.

Program Objectives

  1.  pass a 9 month (minimum) high school-equivalent animal science or similar curriculum
  2. demonstrate competency in about 140 veterinary assisting skills
  3. obtain “real-world” work experience under the supervision of a licensed DVM or registered (certified) technician
  4. pass the level I CVA examination with a 70 percent or higher
Get Started

Dr. Cruz on the importance of CVA.

“The program allowed my students to receive job offers after they passed their CVA exam and if they were already at a clinic with a job, many of them received an increase in salary.”
Laura Sandoval
“From the class of 2014 two young women earned full FVMA VA certifications. One is employed at Banfield Animal Hospital, Gainesville, FL. The other is employed at Newberry Animal Hospital, Newberry, FL”
Bob Howland