Thank you, Texas Agriculture Teachers!

We at ACT enjoyed meeting so many Texas agriculture students and teachers at the Texas FFA State Convention and the Vocational Ag Teachers Association of Texas Conference! The room was packed for our workshop on certification opportunities for your animal pathway students, and we look forward to following up with everyone. For those of you who requested copies of the classroom activities that were presented, they will be on the way very soon.
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Multi-Media Generation

High school students these days always seem to be online- from tablets and smart phones to video games, interactive multi-media is the fluent language of this generation.

It can be hard for a teacher to compete with all these devices to hold their students’ attention. Besides that, there are often those questions in the back of students’ minds, “When am I going to need this in the real world? How is this going to help me get a job?” So what’s a teacher to do? Embrace it- speak their language and show them the real world!

But teachers have so many demands on their time- preparing lesson plans, creating assignments, grading assignments, writing tests, grading tests…. not to mention a life outside school!

So, how can ACT help? By bringing the veterinary hospital into your classroom with educational multi-media programs and industry certification opportunities produced by leading veterinary professionals to prepare students for an exciting career in the animal care industry!

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