Since 2007, Hernando High School has enjoyed a highly productive
relationship with Animal Care Technologies. During that time, over 100
students have successfully received their certification as Veterinary
Assistants in the Veterinary Assisting Program. You would be hard pressed
to enter any Animal Clinic in Brooksville, Florida and not come in contact
with one of these students working either as a Veterinary Assistant or
During this time, I have found the entire staff at ACT has bent over
backwards to meet our needs. They have made any challenges that have
arisen a priority. They strive to serve and meet the needs of my students
and truly care about the success of my students. When it comes to support
and customer service, ACT is second to none.
As a whole, the online program with ACT has unique offerings, as it is the
same program used in animal hospitals across the country. It seamlessly
links the educational setting to the real world. Like all teachers, I am
looking for the best way to meet the needs of my students. For all
different levels of academic success and a wide variety of learning
styles, ACT is the answer. It allows the flexibility needed in today’s
classroom. The teacher can serve as a facilitator and utilize the online
program or the teacher can do the instructing and use the online program
as a supplement to their existing program of study. ACT has it all and
fits the needs of the over worked teachers of today.
The bottom line: In an educational world, where everyone tells you their
program is the best, this Agriscience teacher of over 35 years has seen a
lot of programs. ACT programs will be my last stop for all my Veterinary
Assistant education needs. They should be your last stop as well.

Rick Ahrens
Hernando High School