High school students these days always seem to be online- from tablets and smart phones to video games, interactive multi-media is the fluent language of this generation.

It can be hard for a teacher to compete with all these devices to hold their students’ attention. Besides that, there are often those questions in the back of students’ minds, “When am I going to need this in the real world? How is this going to help me get a job?” So what’s a teacher to do? Embrace it- speak their language and show them the real world!

But teachers have so many demands on their time- preparing lesson plans, creating assignments, grading assignments, writing tests, grading tests…. not to mention a life outside school!

So, how can ACT help? By bringing the veterinary hospital into your classroom with educational multi-media programs and industry certification opportunities produced by leading veterinary professionals to prepare students for an exciting career in the animal care industry!